browse or drop a document for threat research...
Free online URLeye scanner supports documents up to 10Mb
(pdf, docx, ppt, xlsx, etc.)
Avoid ransomware threat in your docs
Enable user-reported phishing program with URLeye
Most of ransomware attacks start from phishing e-mails and docs containing malicious links and no malicious code inside: old-fashioned security tools failed to detect these threats.

URLeye helps to find and check all the hidden links inside documents of various formats and prevent users from driving a malware onto their devices.
Empower your SOC with URLeye
  • Speed
    Average content analysis time
    as short as 0.99 seconds
  • Depth
    Supports hundreds document formats including meta-data analysis
  • Privacy
    With URLeye on-premise appliance you keep all the data in-house
Advanced protection & ultimate privacy
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Privacy policy
URLeye does not share uploaded samples with any third-party and does not store any user's data beyond the time of sample analysis - all the samples are going to be deleted as soon as analysis finished. At URLeye we do not collect any cookies. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time in order to reflect our service development.